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When Good Contributions Go Bad

Many things can prevent a contribution from being deposited or credited. To save yourself and the contributor aggravation (and NAIFAPAC bank service fees), please familiarize yourself with the ways in which a contribution can fail to be processed. If a contribution comes to you first, and it has one of the problems outlined below, please do your best to correct the situation before forwarding the contribution to NAIFAPAC.

Bank Drafts

  • no voided check accompanied the bank draft form

  • no bank draft form accompanied the voided check

  • contributor signed an upgrade form, but is not already on automatic bank draft

  • deposit slip, not voided check, accompanied the bank draft form.


  • made payable to something other than IFAPAC

  • not signed

  • written dollar amount conflicts with numeric dollar amount

Credit Cards

  • card number incorrect, incomplete, or illegible

  • card used was not a VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express

  • contributor wants to contribute monthly using his/her credit card (For an amount less than $21 a month.)

Any Type of Contribution

  • no dollar amount indicated

  • the exact contributor is unclear (i.e. no Jr./Sr. on check, both spouses are members of the association, the name on the form or check does not match member ID number)