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State IFAPAC Committee Member

Volunteer Officer Duties & Responsibilities include: 

Download the Commitment Form for the State IFAPAC Committee Member (PDF)

The IFAPAC Committee member will help the state chair raise funds for IFAPAC by participating in phon-a-thons and help staff the IFAPAC booth at statewide meetings. Further committee members will oversee a few locals and help keep them on track to reach their IFAPAC fundraising goals by December 31 and therefore help your state reach its goals.


State IFAPAC Committee Member Job Description:

  • Get established goals from your local chairs

  • Contribute to IFAPAC at the Statesman level or above

  • Ensure that there are chairs, vice-chairs, and committees for all of the local chapters you oversee.

  • Establish regional workshops to educate, train and motivate local chairs and committee members. Coordinate training with the state IFAPAC chair

  • Attend the local chapter meetings and board meetings in your state at least twice a year

  • Make monthly telephone contact with local IFAPAC chairs

  • Attend all State IFAPAC committee meetings and participate in all state IFAPAC conference calls

  • Ensure that the local IFAPAC chairs are soliciting inactive (lapsed) contributors

  • Get on the mailing lists for meeting notices and communications from each of the local chapters in your region

  • Encourage your local chairs to strive for the IFAPAC Awards

  • Report local chapter fundraising activities and problems to your state chair

  • Maintain a supply of IFAPAC materials, such as enrollment forms, Directives, and brochures