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How to Become a Grassroots Contact

The National Grassroots Committee oversees NAIFA's contact system and grassroots lobbying program, the nerve center of NAIFA's legislative efforts. Just as IFAPAC uses political contributions to gain recognition for NAIFA on Capitol Hill, NAIFA's grassroots resources are its politically active NAIFA members. They regularly meet with their members of Congress and state legislators to discuss issues of importance to the insurance and financial services industry.

There are approximately 1,000 agents and advisors serving in NAIFA's contact system at this time. That's less than 5% of our members who have expressed a willingness to contact their elected officials about important insurance and financial services legislation. More NAIFA members need to become involved to save our business from unfavorable legislation on the state and federal levels.

What Are the Expectations for NAIFA Grassroots Contacts?

Grassroots contacts should stay informed about current legislative issues of importance to our industry. Contacts are updated on ongoing legislative activity through the NAIFA GovTalk, a legislative bulletin sent by email to all NAIFA members. NAIFA's website also has extensive materials to help NAIFA members stay abreast of legislative developments on Capitol Hill and provide a synopsis of legislation being followed by NAIFA’s Government Relations staff.

Participate in Grassroots Activities

Grassroots contacts are asked to communicate with their legislators through NAIFA GovAlerts on the Advocacy Action Center as legislation reaches critical stages on Capitol Hill and in state capitals. GovAlerts will summarize an issue and NAIFA's position and describe what action needs to be taken to make our position known. The importance of making contact with elected officials should not be underestimated. Several times in the recent past, federal proposals have been made in the House and Senate that would tax the inside buildup of life insurance, and NAIFA's grassroots contacts were able to derail these catastrophic proposals in mere hours through a deluge of phone calls and emails.

Interested in getting involved? Visit the "Advocacy Action Center" and click on "My Profile." Then, scroll down and on the right-hand side click the link that says: "Report a Grassroots Connection." You can select your federal or state legislator on this page and tell us how you know them and what your connection is. It's that easy, and it helps us build a group of engaged advocates who are willing to share their stories with lawmakers.


Contribute to IFAPAC

Grassroots contacts are asked to contribute to IFAPAC to ensure that we can support candidates for office that understand our industry and issues. To learn more about IFAPAC, visit the Advocacy Action Center and click on the “IFAPAC” tab. You can easily manage your contribution by accessing “My Profile” to start contributing or increase your level.