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IFAPAC Plan for Success

Achieving the Goals

Step 1

Review Your Fair Share Goals

After your state and chapters are reaching fair share pol, admin, and participation.

Step 2

Train Your Team

To be successful, you need a team of people to help support you in your fundraising efforts. These people include your State President, State Executive, Local IFAPAC Chairs, Fundraising Committee Members, and other key leaders in your chapter.

You can utilize any statewide meetings such as the Day at the Capitol or Annual Meeting/Convention or Large Local meetings to train in person. Or you can utilize video conferencing and webinar technologies such as Skype, GoTo Meeting, or Zoom. Make Advocacy the reason to meet.

Whether you host IFAPAC training in person or remotely, consider utilizing the talents of the IFAPAC National committee members or NAIFA staff who will, upon request, help train the Local Chairs, Fundraising Committee members, and chapter leaders.

The National IFAPAC Committee recommends that (at a minimum) the state IFAPAC Chair attend the National Advocacy Meeting. This meeting will be invaluable in helping you become familiar with the tools to train your state and local leaders. IFAPAC strongly encourages you to bring local IFAPAC chairs or other fundraising committee members with you to the National Advocacy Meeting.

Make sure you have all the necessary training tools & resources available and that the materials are distributed to your local IFAPAC chairs and your IFAPAC Fundraising Committee members.

  • Order the National Advocacy Handbooks, Videos & IFAPAC Phon-a-thon Kits

  • Preview the IFAPAC Webinars on YouTube.

Step 3

Determine Methods & Strategies to Achieve/Exceed Fair Share Goals

To help you achieve your fair share goals look at the suggestions below and use whatever combination that works best for you and your team.

  1. Strive for IFAPAC’s Awards These awards require meeting or increasing both the number of contributors and dollars raised, as well as an chapter Per Capita Administrative Contribution.

    IFAPAC believes it is easier to raise funds when chapter leadership and IFAPAC Fundraising Volunteers lead by example and make their contribution first!! Meeting these requirements will help keep your state and local IFAPACs moving in a positive direction.
  2. Track Contributors By Annual Giving Level Using the December IFAPAC Contributors Report (or other year-end IFAPAC reports from NAIFA’s OSC) determine the number of contributors your state has at each club/award level. Look for gaps or areas of improvement.

    Then set goals for the number of contributors at each level and track your progress throughout the year. Each state should strive to have a few contributors at Emissary or above.

    This method helps you to both increase contributions from your high dollar donors as well as gain new lower level contributors.
  3. Host Phon-a-Thons The National IFAPAC Subcommittee recommends scheduling IFAPAC Phon-a-thons on a regular basis in all of your local chapter, but especially in your large locals (minimally 2/year). Ensure these phon-a-thons have a specific fundraising goal and target specific segments of the membership such as YATs, APIC Contacts, Non-Contributors, Lapsed Contributors and Annual Meeting or Day at the State Capital attendees. (See the IFAPAC Phon-a-thon Kit for step-bystep instructions.)

    Ask your phon-a-thon callers to contact their peers. Ask the LILI Chair to ask the recent LILI Grads. Consider asking the last 10 chapter presidents to contact five NAIFA members each from the non-contributors or lapsed list to help your state reach its goals. Ask a YAT to ask other YATs.

    Keep in mind, a phon-a-thon does not have to be in the traditional setting of everyone in one room making calls. NAIFA-New Jersey has hosted a phon-a-thon called, “The Drive for Five,” whereby each caller reaches out to five NAIFA members each day from 5 pm – 6 pm for one week. NAIFA-Massachusetts has held one of their phon-a-thon outside at a local park, having sandwiches together while working their cell phones for IFAPAC.

    A phon-a-thon can be an exciting fundraising activity for you and your team. Order pizza or have snacks for the callers to keep them energized. Display and track the goal using a “fundraising thermometer.” Ring a bell each time a caller gets a contribution or write the caller’s name on a large board for recognition among the other callers. Most importantly, thank your callers for their hard work!.
  4. Host an IFAPAC Booth at Fundraising Events and Statewide Meetings As State Chair, it is your job to make sure IFAPAC is visible at all state chapter meetings & events such as the Day at the State Capital, Annual Conference or any other meeting widely attended by NAIFA members. Hosting an IFAPAC booth is a great way to create excitement and educate members about the importance of contributing to IFAPAC.

    To help increase the flow of traffic to your booth, IFAPAC headquarters has a variety of items you can purchase or reserve to generate a buzz around your booth. The IFAPAC Committee recommends that you purchase an IFAPAC table cloth, reserve the IFAPAC Table Top Display (free of charge), create recognition posters** and hand out IFAPAC ribbons and pins. It is important to set a fundraising goal for the event and display the progress towards the goal using some visual such as a “fundraising thermometer.” Further, you may want to create some incentive program to entice contributors to go to the next level or set up some competition like the 100% Participation Map Game used at the NAIFA P+P Conference or use your college sport team rivalries. Finally, remember that state and local chairs as well as Fundraising Committee members should staff the booth when meeting activities are occuring.

    To make sure you can reserve the table top display and receive all of your materials on time, please submit your booth reservation form and supply order form at least one month before your event. Also, print copies of the IFAPAC Booth Check List and IFAPAC Booth Rules to ensure compliance with Federal Election Commission rules and regulations.

    ** There is a variety of ways you can display your contributors’ names such as by annual or lifetime amounts, by club/award levels or silent altar call style. IFAPAC National staff will help you generate the lists needed to create these posters
    If you or your fundraising committee members have an IPAD or Tablet, you can access the IFAPAC Contribution Center via the Internet and allow members to contribute online via credit card. Finally, if the member has the GR Mobile app, he/she can access the online contribution center and make a contribution that way. All the member needs is his/her NAIFA ID number (you will have this information on your list of NAIFA members at your booth) and their last name.
  5. Have Fundraising Events It is important to have fundraising events that draw attention to IFAPAC and the important advocacy work that is being done. Raising funds at these events will help you make your fundraising goals. Here are a few ideas that have a track record of raising funds:

    - Coordinate with your chapter’s Grassroots and Government Relations chairs to arrange for an elected official or a political party representative to speak at an             chapter meeting.
    - Create contests to encourage giving at widely-attended members-only meetings or over certain time frames such as the Turn 30% Into 60% campaign.
    - Conduct a live or silent altar call
    - Provide incentives or rewards for new or upgrading contributors by giving them a political puppet or other “thank you” gift
  6. Recognize Your Contributors For purposes of retention, it is vitally important to thank your contributors. It must be done from both the national and the state levels! IFAPAC also recommends that you utilize all avenues available to you to recognize your contributors among their peers such as your chapter's social media pages (but only members-only pages), newsletter, website, meeting general session or a poster. Wherever it is, make sure your contributors know they matter.

    IFAPAC also recommends that you and other chapter leaders take the time to recognize the lifetime contribution totals of your members during state or local meetings. It will only take a few minutes to present your most loyal contributors with a small token of gratitude, but it goes a long way to making them feel special and encouraging retention.
Step 4

Send Solicitations

National IFAPAC will send all previous contributors (who are not on monthly bank draft or credit card) a renewal notice four times annually and conduct a variety of targeted solicitations to segments of NAIFA’s membership asking for contributions throughout the year. Not all solicitations take place via email; some are through phon-a-thons and others are done with direct mail pieces.

Not all members respond to national appeals for dollars. So it is important to have solicitations come from state leaders as well. Plan to send one solicitation each quarter (you will probably need the help of your state executive). It is imperative to reach out to your non- and lapsed contributors. Ask current bank draft, Century, Ambassador or Statesmen contributors to upgrade. Ask the local board members and all of the state & federal Grassroots contacts in your chapter to contribute.

Messaging Suggestions

  • Utilize the momentum from NAIFA’s Congressional Conference and your state’s Day at the Captial to generate IFAPAC support.

  • Employ state or federal legislative or regulatory proposals to convert non-contributors.

  • Talk about the different ways our industry is under attack from both state and federal legislators and regulators.

  • Emphasize the value of consistent support through the monthly bank draft (minimum $10.00/mo.) and credit card programs (minimum $25.00/mo.)

  • Utilize the slogans and phrases:

    • IFAPAC – Your Career Protection Insurance!

    • There is no “if” in IFAPAC!

    • Without IFAPAC, you could wake up tomorrow and be legislated or regulated right out of business!

    • Are you engaged in protecting the future of your career? If not you, then who?

    • If we can’t count on members like you to protect our industry and clients, who can we count on?

    • If we don’t fight for ourselves, no one else will

    • If we fail to act now, we will be reacting forever.

    • The opportunity to participate is ongoing, but the need is immediate.

    • As a colleague, I would like to ask you to step off the fence and make the decision to support our PAC and contribute, just as I do. Will you do that?

Do not forget to include this mandatory FEC disclosure at the bottom of your solicitations!!

Contributions to IFAPAC are voluntary and contributed to candidates for elective office. Your contributions will be divided between your state chapter IFAPAC and IFAPAC National if you have directed NAIFA to do so. If you have not completed the NAIFA Member Directive Regarding IFAPAC Contributions, please do so. You can contribute more or less than the suggested amount. The amount contributed will not benefit or disadvantage you in any way. You have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. Corporate contributions to IFAPAC’s political fund are prohibited. Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. For NAIFA Massachusetts members, the division of funds will be 60%/40% up to the state limit of $500 per calendar year.

Step 5

Implement the Calendar of Events

It is important for you to establish a fundraising plan to help you stay on track and keep your locals accountable. Once you set a schedule for the year, send it to all of your local chairs and so they know what is expected of them. The calendar below was developed by National IFAPAC for just that purpose.




Call & Solicit

Also, Accomplish



Zeroes & Bank Draft Conversions

Finalize Your Fundraising Committee & Give Locals Their Goals

Outreach to Active Agencies & Identify Agency Champions



Previous Year & High Dollar Lapsed Contributors

Plan for IFAPAC Booth & Recognition at State Legislative Day or Annual Meeting

Train Chapter & Boards


YAT Awareness Month

YATs & APIC Contacts

Budget For Administrative Contribution

Dial for Dollars Event



APIC & GR Chairs, Congressional Conference Registrants

Plan for IFAPAC Booth & Recognition at State Legislative Day or Annual Meeting

Recognize Your Contributors by Lifetime Amounts


Congressional Conference

Congressional Conference Registrants

Follow up with attendees from State Legislative Day or Annual Meeting

Write PAC Article for Newsletter/ Website


NAIFA Birthday Month

Zeroes & Chapter Leaders

Create Fundraising Competitions with Locals or other States

Show PAC Video



Lapsed Donors & Bank Draft Contributor Upgrades

Create Fundraising Competitions with Locals or other States

Recognize Your Contributors by Lifetime Amounts


IFAPAC Birthday Month

New Leaders & Annual NAIFA Conference Registrants

Train Chapter Leaders and Boards & Pay Chapter Administrative Contribution

Dial for Dollars Event


Annual NAIFA P+P Conference & Life Insurance Awareness Month

LILI Grads & Annual NAIFA P+P Conference Attendees

Outreach to Active Agencies & Identify Agency Champions

Reach Out to Contributors in Large Locals Chapters



All Non Contributors

Show PAC Video

Track 2019 IFAPAC Award Criteria


Review Goals & Plan for Next Year

Lapsed High Dollar Contributors & Chapter Leaders

Pay Administrative Contribution

Thank Contributors with a Special Email or Snail Mail


Year End Wrap-Up

All Lapsed & All Incoming Chapter Leaders

Plan for 2020 Fundraising Goals & Recruit Fundraising Committee Members

Final Push for 2019 IFAPAC Award Criteria