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Together We Can Take on Anything.

We are better together!



Welcome to Your New Worksite.

We have streamlined our Leaders' site to make it easy-to-use and FUN! 

Remember that we are in start-up mode and only 14 months into a one NAIFA. As we morph into a world class sales & marketing machine, you are going to see continous improvement (and membership numbers) in front of your eyes because together we can take on anything! 

"Welcome to 2020 as we celebrate our 130th Anniversary. This year we are focused on engagement--the work you're doing as volunteer leaders is transformative. Together we can take on anything and we're better together."

Cammie Scott
NAIFA's 2020  President


Motivational Quote:

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.

(and let's face facts, if you're a leader and on this page, you're already thinking you can do it better!) 😀😍😍😜