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Chapter Staff

The role of the Chapter Executive is invaluable to ensuring that grassroots programs are operating effectively. To achieve this, chapter staff should ensure that:

  • Chapter leaders appoint state grassroots chairs and co-chairs for a two-year minimum term. Different people should be assigned to cover the grassroots activities for state legislators and federal legislators.

  • Every Member of Congress in your state has at least six federal legislative contacts, and that those contacts have been reported to the NAIFA national office.

  • Meeting leads are assigned for each legislator meeting held in your state.

  • Constituent Groups (4 to 6 NAIFA Members) are formed for every federal legislator, and the information is communicated to the NAIFA national office.

  • Meeting leads and constituent groups hold regular district meetings with their federal legislators and district staff and inform the NAIFA national office about these meetings.

  • Grassroots chairs are assigned for every local chapter.

  • There is strong attendance at NAIFA’s annual Congressional Conference in Washington, DC.

Other functions that staff can fulfill with respect to NAIFA’s Advocacy program include:

  • Host a Legislative Day, state convention, ALC, LSP, or other association function at least once a year and work to get a Member of Congress (or staff person) to speak to participants.

  • Ensure that reports are made at monthly chapter meetings by the grassroots chair(s) (or, in their absence, the Government Relations chair) regarding recent legislation and progress on recruiting legislative contacts.

  • Disseminate NAIFA GovAlerts to your members using email or phone trees and post them on your state association's website. (Be sure to remove them when the alert is over.)

  • Stay up to date on industry issues in Congress, state legislatures, and appropriate regulatory departments. Also, ensure the chapter GR Committee is fully briefed on NAIFA activity on NAIC or NCOIL models as soon as they are proposed in the state.

  • Encourage your members to provide their home addresses to NAIFA. (Home addresses are used to match NAIFA members with their congressional districts.)

  • Encourage your members to provide their email addresses to NAIFA. All NAIFA members with an email address receive a legislative and regulatory update called GovTalk.

  • Make sure your membership is familiar with the Advocacy Action Center (www.naifa.org/advocate) and add this link to your state association website.