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Local IFAPAC Chair

Volunteer Officer Duties & Responsibilities include: 

Download the Commitment Form for the Local IFAPAC Chair (PDF)

The local IFAPAC chair should be someone who wants to be involved in chapter activities and who is willing to commit to this position for at least two years. He/she should be focused on the primary objective of raising funds and have the aptitude for raising money and motivating people. The chair should be a member in good standing of the local association, evidence an ability to organize, and already be a generous contributor to IFAPAC.

The local IFAPAC chair should be willing to attend IFAPAC training sessions and participate in the meetings and conference calls initiated by the state IFAPAC chair and/or regional chair. The local chair should have a realistic insight about association members on the local level and have the willingness to meet either one-on-one with members or use
other methods to increase local participation in IFAPAC.

The local IFAPAC chair must be knowledgeable of the applicable federal and state campaign finance laws covering fundraising for political action committees. Lastly, there should be no question as to the integrity of this person handling the funds.

Local IFAPAC Chair Job Description:

  • Raise political and administrative funds

  • Get a vice (or co-) chair and form a fundraising committee

  • Contribute to IFAPAC at the Ambassador Club level or above

  • Establish a plan to achieve your assigned local association fundraising goals

  • Encourage all members of the association to complete an IFAPAC Directive

  • Strive to achieve the IFAPAC Awards

  • Attend IFAPAC workshops and training meetings

  • Participate in conference calls and meetings arranged by the regional and state chairs

  • Maintain a supply of IFAPAC materials, such as enrollment forms, Directives, and brochures

  • Utilize the 1) inactive contributors report, 2) legislative contacts reports, and 3) non-contributors prospect lists

  • Ensure that your chapter makes a yearly budget line item for an administrative contribution to IFAPAC

  • Educate and communicate regularly with local membership about IFAPAC activities and goals

  • Coordinate IFAPAC with Grassroots committee efforts regarding candidate selection feedback from individual members to the state chair

  • Comply with federal and state election laws

  • Report local activities and problems to the state chair