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Sample IFAPAC Training Agenda


  • Review history & purpose of IFAPAC

  • Review mission statement

  • IFAPAC – The Big Picture How the state & national PACs relate

  • How the Grassroots & PAC relate

Role of Local IFAPAC Chair

  • You have to ask for the money

  • Start today, create a plan and timeline, and stick to it

  • Be prepared to answer questions from potential and current contributors

  • Ask your chapter to save you space in the newsletter for an article

  • Ask your chapter to make a member administrative contribution

Importance of Having a Fundraising Committee

  • You can’t do it alone

  • Select people from your donor list who have given at the Ambassador Club level or higher

  • Give people specific goals

Review State Fair Share Goals

Strive to Achieve the IFAPAC Awards

Fundraising Objectives

  • An IFAPAC chair’s top three responsibilities are: fundraising, fundraising, and fundraising

  • Work to retain contributors

Find New Contributors/Prospects

  • Encourage current contributors to do more if they’ve been at the same giving level for more than four years

  • 100% of your local Board of Directors should be contributing at the Statesman Club level or higher

  • Ensure administrative contributions from local associations

  • Encourage the monthly bank draft program as much as possible

  • Encourage everyone in your chapter to complete an IFAPAC Directive

Legal Considerations of Fundraising

  • No corporate checks in the political fund

  • No contributions in the name of another

  • No contributions from non-NAIFA members

  • No cash contributions over $100

Fundraising Ideas

  • Phon-A-Thons

  • Grassroots Contacts

  • Donor Recognition Reception

  • Silent Auction

  • Follow up with lapsed contributors

Resources from IFAPAC HQ

  • Review reports that are available and how often they are distributed

  • Review supplies that are available and how to order them

  • Review samples of articles, solicitation letters and speeches

  • Review NAIFA’s Online Service Center for IFAPAC Information

Discussion and Closing Charges to Meeting Participants