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NAIFA Grassroots Mission 

The Mission of NAIFA Grassroots is to:

  • Actively promote the involvement of insurance agents and financial advisors in the election of candidates for local, state, and national office, consistent with the legislative interests of the NAIFA federation; and

  • Identify and foster the creation of significant NAIFA member relationships with elected officials.

The Objectives of NAIFA Grassroots are to:

  • Identify and develop constituent contacts for all legislators, both state and federal;

  • Involve NAIFA members in federal and state legislative issues per the direction of the NAIFA Government Relations Committee;

  • Encourage NAIFA members to participate in national, state, and local campaign organizations;

  • Communicate to and educate NAIFA members on the importance of political involvement;

  • Establish effective communications between grassroots contacts, NAIFA state chapters, NAIFA home office, and the National Grassroots Committee;

  • Encourage involvement in the annual Congressional Conference and state Days at the Capitol;

  • Encourage NAIFA members to respond to GovAlerts; and

  • Recognize achievement of political involvement and measure results.

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We work in a complex industry, and the average person doesn’t understand much about insurance and financial services.

It's our job to make sure members of Congress, state legislators, and regulators who hold the fate of our business in their hands understand the real-life consequences of proposed legislation. Coupled with the high turnover that occurs each election year, these factors create a continuous and critical need for educating our elected officials on our issues.

That's why we need grassroots volunteers like you to stay engaged by:


Creating relationships and meeting with legislators in the district.



Taking action on alerts and writing your legislator about important issues.



Attending state legislative days or the Congressional Conference.