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Visual Identity & Logos

Identity Overview

The establishment of a uniform brand image should be a paramount concern for any organization.

Broad recognition of NAIFA’s brand image is directly tied to our success. It is important for NAIFA nation to commit to establishing brand imagery and sticking to its basic themes—e.g., use the same colors, shapes, pictures—over time. Brand imagery becomes ingrained in the mind of the audience and helps advance NAIFA’s success.

These guidelines show the correct usage of the NAIFA logo and brand identity. This identity is how people recognize and know us. It represents everything, from the organization as a whole to our individual offices. It is how we set ourselves apart from our competitors. It is very important that we remain consistent in all forms of communication.

Correct usage of the NAIFA identity provides credibility for the association. To ensure the proper usage, we’ve established a few simple guidelines to be followed in all communications efforts.

Official Logo

The NAIFA identity must always be applied in a consistent manner and care must be taken to avoid misuse. Our logo is the cornerstone to visual consistency, which is vital to an effective identity program.

This is the official NAIFA logotype. The recommended colors are blue PMS 2925 U and PMS Black C. This version may be used whenever color options are available.

An all-black or all-white logotype is allowed when a single color is more appropriate. Black ink is also allowed in mediums where a PMS color is not a given ingredient. Liberal application of these two colors is appropriate for collateral and promotional materials and will accelerate brand awareness and attention. Because many colors are similar, always refer to the official PMS number to ensure the correct selection.

Logo Usage





Minimum Size

isolatedlogoFor the NAIFA logotype to be recognized, it must be readable in all communication efforts. Therefore, the minimum width of the logotype should be 0.5”. The minimum width of the logotype with a tagline should be 0.625” and the minimum width of the logotype with the full name should be 2.25”. This will help ensure that the signature always maintains its presence and clarity each and every time it is used.



The NAIFA logotype in any of its forms must appear clear and visible at all times. The ideal background for the logo in two-color is white. If a white background is not possible, the two-color version of the logo may be placed on a gray background whose value is no more than 25% black.

If a white or 25% black background is not possible, the logo should appear in either black or white, whichever option provides maximum legibility and contrast for the logo and the tagline.

When the background color is blue PMS 2925, the NAIFA logo should appear in white.



Area of Isolation

Another important factor for helping the corporate signature to stand out is maintaining an “Area of Isolation” around the logotype. An “Area of Isolation” helps eliminate any confusion that may result when other logos or product names are included on your communications efforts. An easy rule of thumb is to measure the white space between the triangle “top” and the triangle “bottom” in the NAIFA logotype to determine the amount of isolation area needed. Then add that amount of space to all four sides of the logotype. Graphic elements such as rules and bars are exceptions.



Examples of safe use over photography and not safe use over photography

Avoid the use of the NAIFA logo over busy graphic elements such as photos or illustrations. When layout dictates that the logo must overlap with other graphic elements, simple background treatments behind the logo such as glow effects are allowed. Avoid over-use of such effects or the use of more than one effect at the same time.