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Membership Presentation

Membership Promise Presentation (a.k.a. the Agency Presentation)

We have updated the Membership Promise presentation which outlines the Advocate. Educate.Differentiate. presentation that is commonly also referred to as "the agency presentation". Please find the annotated version of the PowerPoint for your use.

Remember, you don't have to go it alone! If you have an agency that would give us 10 minutes to present, we will! Simply email partners@naifa.org with the info and we will get it scheduled.

Download the Agency  Presentation PowerPoint


Membership Presentation to General Agents/Managers

We have created a slightly different version of the presentation to present to GAs/Managers. This has successfully been delivered multiple times with positive feedback. Please note that the presentation is similar to the agency presentation, but the annotation is different and it does not include ending slides on the membership graduated dues structure as this would not be appropriate to discuss to the overall group of GAs/Managers.
Download the Agency  Presentation PowerPoint