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State Legislative
Day Kit

Resources to Get the Word Out About
Your Legislative Day


Materials for a Successful Day

What to use. how to get.

NAIFA National is here to help you in your state legislative day marketing! We've created a standardized brand kit that we will customize for your state's event so that we can leverage the power of a unified and standardized visual identity, as well as maximize our exposure through media placement, social media, email, and your website.

Here's what's in the kit for you to request:

  • NAIFA National will create the Power of You. Power of Us. retractable banners for your state
  • You can take the press release and update to place in local media, or NAIFA National can do for you. You can do pre-and post-releases and give your members the individual press release to place in their local media outlets as well.
  • Send us 3 of your leaders that you would like featured in customized Power of You. Power of Us. graphics and we will make them in animated and static form for you to post on your social media channels. If you're on NAIFA's social media platform, we will do for you. Want to be on our social media platform? Talk to us!
  • We will give you an email header that is the Power of You. Power of Us. visual identity to use to market the event
  • If you're on NAIFA's HubSpot platform for your website, we will create the Power of You. Power of Us. hero image and landing page for your event. Not on our platform? Talk to us!
  • If we know your agenda and event, we will provide you with a standardized flyer for you to attach to email to use in your word-of-mouth referral marketing and to send to prospective attendees.
  • Use your state's advocacy PowerPoint deck for your day!
  • If you're holding an IFAPAC event, remember it should not be near your statehouse and needs to meet compliance rules for ratio of members: non-members. Remember we have the IFAPAC videos for each state that you can show/use and if you need help, talk to our Chapter Services Team headed up by Justi Folladori and Zach Levin.

Review the State Legislative Day Promotional Timeline

Leg Day Promotional Timeline

Download Timeline

Review the State Legislative Day Checklist

Leg Day Checklist

Download Checklist


State Advocacy PowerPoint Template

State Advocacy PowerPoint Template


State Advocacy Virtual Background

Coming Soon!


Legislative Day Marketing Request

Submit a request for NAIFA to prepare materials to help you market your Legislative Day. Samples of the materials can be found below.


Pre-Event Press Release

Use this Word document, update the information applicable to your state and distribute to your local media contacts

Download Press Release Template


Post-Event Press Release

Distribute this template to your attendees so they can let others know that they participated in the Legislative Day

Download Post-Event Attendee Press Release

Sample Materials

Social Media Sample

Power of You - Mimie -Static-500x262px-FacebookEvents


Door Tag Sample



Email Header Sample

State Pull Up Banner.


PDF Event Flier Sample


  • To use as an attachment in a personal email which can be used member-to-member, member-to-prospect or member-to-sponsor/partner.
  • To print out and use as leave-behinds as appropriate.
  • To add to website or email as a downloadable PDF

Federal Pull Up Banner