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Chapter Coaching Program

The Chapter Coaching Program is NAIFA’s comprehensive service and support delivery program for all of its Chapters. The program is managed and administered by the Chapter Services Team (CST) in the Member and Chapter Services (MACS) Department.

Chapter Training & Resources

Chapters are provided training and resources through one of six primary delivery models - the Blueprint Leadership Training, the Empowering Chapter Leaders Training, Chapter Strategic Planning, the National Leadership Conference, the Chapter Playbook and the Chapter Communications Program.

The Chapter Training Program is comprised of the Blueprint Leadership Training, Empowering Chapter Leaders Training, Chapter Strategic Planning and the National Leadership Conference (NLC).

The Chapter Playbook is an evergreen and regularly expanded toolkit of instruction and resource to facilitate Chapter operations.

Chapters are kept up-to-date on key information throughout the year via the Chapter Communications Program. This program consists of seven communications channels, which include the Chapter Leaders Blog, Chapter Leaders Webinars, Cohorts Calls, President’s Circle Calls, Membership Chairs Meetings, IFAPAC Chairs Meetings and Grassroots Chairs Meetings. These targeted communication channels provide regular information and support to audiences in a clear and concise manner.

Chapter Annual Report

At the beginning of each year, Chapter’s are required to complete their Annual Report, which provides essential information to the CST to understand Chapter operations, assess Chapter health and prioritize resources to benefit Chapters where they are most needed. Following the completion of the Annual Report, each Chapter receives a Chapter Health Rating (CHR) and a customized Chapter Action Plan (CAP), which details opportunities for Chapter improvement to maximize their CHR and create the ideal quality member experience.

This program also includes the Chapter Excellence Award (CEA), recognizing those Chapters who have excelled in serving their members.

Coaching & Support

Chapter coaching and support is provided through four channels. The CST is made up of professional staff, dedicated to the coordination and support of NAIFA’s Chapters.

The Chapter Experience Team (CET) consists of the CST and the NAIFA Association Management Services (NAIFA AMS) team to provide staff-to-staff support.

The Field Leader Experience (FLEX) Team contains some of NAIFA’s best and brightest volunteer leaders with an extensive Chapter leadership background. Utilizing the Chapter Cohorts, the FLEX Team has a FLEX Team Liaison assigned to each group of Chapters of similarly populated jurisdictions, who serves as the primary volunteer contact and resource for those Chapters. Cohorts also serve as a peer group for volunteer-to-volunteer collaboration.

Lastly, the Chapter Quality Committee (CQC) serves to work with Chapter Leaders to address any concerning deficiencies in Chapter operations by identifying causes and recommending solutions.

Together, these elements are designed to ensure that NAIFA’s Chapters have a wealth of tools, information and support necessary to provide the highest value to our members.

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