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2022 NAIFA
Membership Chairs Information

2022 Membership Chair Call Schedule

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Please feel free to join the call best fits your schedule.


Western Region

Tuesday @ 12 pm eastern

Central Region

Wednesday @ 5 pm eastern

Eastern Region

Thursday @ 3 pm eastern

January 11th January 12th January 13th
February 8th February 9th February 10th
March 8th March 9th March 10th
April 12th April 13th April 14th
May 10th May 11th May 12th
June 7th June 8th June 9th
July 12th July 13th July 14th
September 6th September 7th September 8th
October 11th October 12th October 13th
November 8th November 9th November 10th
December 13th December 14th December 15th


Use this link to join any meeting at the specified time.

Join Membership Chairs' Call