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In-District Congressional Meetings

Who's Meeting With Lawmakers in Their Home  Districts?

Advisors Committed to Financial Security for All

The August Congressional Recess offers a great opportunity for NAIFA's grassroots advocates to influence policy. In-district meetings build on the momentum we created at Congressional Conference in May. They allow us to build relationships with lawmakers and amplify our advocacy message. Our goal is for NAIFA members to schedule more than 300 meetings with lawmakers in their home districts during the August recess. Be a part of something big and add your voice on behalf of your business, colleagues, clients, and community.

Sign Up for In-District Meetings

The Power of In-District Meetings

NAIFA President Lawrence Holzberg, Past President Tom Michel, and Grassroots Chair Mike Peters have produced a short video explaining why in-district meetings are so important, effective, and convenient.

Help Your State Fulfill Its Pledge

NAIFA state chapter Advocacy and Grassroots Chairs have pledged to recruit NAIFA members to participate in in-district meetings. You can help your state fulfill its pledge by signing up today.

State Advocacy and Grassroots Chairs: Make a pledge on behalf of your chapter

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Add Your Name to the List!

Thank you to NAIFA members from each state who have signed up to participate in in-district meetings with their lawmakers. If your name is not on the list, there's still time to join us.


Bradley Williams


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North Carolina

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North Dakota

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South Carolina

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