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Survey Questions to Ask Attendees and Sponsors After a Virtual Event

By Justi Folladori on 4/20/21 10:29 AM

Does your Chapter survey attendees and sponsors after a virtual event? If not, now is the time to start! Surveying these two groups is just as important after a virtual event, as it is an in-person event. Their feedback can help your Chapter improve upon virtual events in the future.

Breaking Down the Ideal Virtual Meeting: Four Strategies You Should Try

By Justi Folladori on 4/19/21 12:34 PM

Does your Chapter want to make the most out of virtual meetings? On-camera meetings are something that Chapters are becoming more and more familiar with, but many are looking for new and creative ideas to put together a better meeting. Melissa Bouma, President of Manifest, suggests these four strategies for putting together better meetings regardless of attendance size. 

Chapter Playbook: New Resources Added This Week

By Justi Folladori on 4/16/21 8:00 AM

Does you Chapter have an upcoming event? Add it to NAIFA's new online community, NAIFAconnect! Not only does NAIFAconnect serve as an online community and member portal to better connect with peers, it also includes upcoming NAIFA events! 

Roll Out the Welcome Mat for First-Time Attendees at Your Virtual Events

By Justi Folladori on 4/9/21 11:31 AM

When in-person events turned virtual last year, many associations saw a dramatic increase in attendance. Attendees have seen lower prices points and no commute as an opportunity to check out association events for the first time. If you've seen an increase in first-time attendees to your events, here are three ideas other associations have tested to welcome first-time attendees:

Chapter Playbook: New Resources Added This Week

By Justi Folladori on 4/9/21 9:00 AM

Three new documents were added to the Leadership Tools section of the Chapter Playbook this week! NAIFA's 2025 Strategic Plan, 2021 Business Implementation Plan and the recently amended NAIFA Bylaws were all added this week. Check them out using the button below! 

Seven Ways to Engage Remote Volunteers

By Justi Folladori on 4/8/21 9:35 AM

Looking for ways to engage volunteers in a virtual environment? Wesley Carr, director of stakeholder engagement at the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS), shares the below seven strategies for engaging remote volunteers.

Keep Your Board Focused on Strategy

By Justi Folladori on 4/6/21 10:06 AM

Your Board of Directors may feel more comfortable focusing on management and operations, but they need to be focused on the long-term big picture. However, keeping the focus on strategy has proved to be more and more difficult since the beginning of COVID-19. 

Groups Explore New Networking Options for Virtual Events

By Justi Folladori on 4/5/21 10:06 AM

In 2020, associations had to quickly transition events from in-person to virtual. However, networking opportunities fell short in 2020 with this quick transition. As virtual events continue across the country, associations are working to boost engagement by providing more virtual networking opportunities. Samantha Whitehorne, editorial director of Associations Now, shares how the below five associations are increasing networking in a virtual environment.

Chapter Playbook: New Resources Added This Week

By Justi Folladori on 4/2/21 9:00 AM

New to the Chapter Playbook this week, is the addition of the NAIFA Model Chapter Board Orientation PowerPoint! Board Orientation is an essential and critical component to a Chapter's success. Typically given each year, orientation serves as an educational tool for volunteers to understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as those responsibilities more appropriately left to Chapter Staff.

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Recording Now Available: March Chapter Staff Meeting

By Justi Folladori on 3/29/21 3:37 PM

Last Friday's Chapter Staff Meeting was packed full of information from FIVE different NAIFA Departments! Chapter Staff were provided updates from the below departments:


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